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sunnuntaina, helmikuuta 18, 2018

Cheering up isn't an option anymore

Goddamn. Damn life. It is year of the dog. I can feel it. Feeling leads to fuzziness in my brain.
Been doing site stuff like, homework and feeding my character, snuggling them pets. chatting and trying to think ahead?
and tried to cash out some wowapp stuff but need at least a dollar more.

Since losing my bank card, I gave the rest of my money to a buddy from school and he bought us drinks at a local bar on Friday. I got a corkscrew and he a beer and now I'm out of money and nothing to pay with even

I'm a bit hungry but also I'm fat af. I wouldn't mind losing some. Can't think of exercises to sweat it off with. I mean there's a swimming hall nearby underground but I don't know where my swimsuit is and their fee is like almost a bit too much for some poor obese person who maybe used to swim a lot but now can't handle it if the water is cold or whatever.

Should probably get up cause my butt gets numb on this sofa. I am still bleeding as well, the hormonal spiral is causing it once again something strange itinerary that doesn't go well with my female parts....

sigh! would luff to write if I had anything to say really it seems to pointless

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