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im the crazy exterminator everyone warned you

Currently in Year 1.


Your Homework:(#1 Potions)
A potion is a liquid substance that you can drink and it has magical effects on the drinker. It is usually brewed in a cauldron over fire, stirred sometimes and added magical ingredients into it. Making a potions requires following a recipe, unless you can understand better the cooking behind it all... Common potions are the hiccoughing solution, and draughts and drinkable things to cure ills or improve looks. Real love potions are too rare to actually ever work for example, causing just similar feelings to love that are not good. Potions can be poisonous, they can explode if not properly brewn, and most dangerous one(s) cause death or transformations.

sources: the half-blood prince, potions classes in the Potter movies, Harry Potter wiki of potions

I see a cauldron stirring itself and on the walls are shelves filled with bottles and jars with labels on them. Some cupboards seem to be locked. I already know some ingredients that first years will be using because I have this year's book and I have the beginners kit for Potions. I look at some bottles with a picture of flobberworms and decide to pick up the mucus if a potion needs to be thickened. This seems like the safest option. I don't know a lot about potion making yet. It does seem a bit disgusting, but, I do want to make my potions thick enough. A lot of the ingredients look like they won't be used whole or they will be cut into smaller pieces, dry so they will be crushed, and what a better way to get a potion down your throat than some mucus that slides down the throat easily.

Sources: harrypotter wiki for Confusing Concoction, books where Hagrid is depressed and gives his class of Care of Magical Creatures assignment to keep the flobberworms alive, most boring thing there is according to Ron. Of course I imagined where professor Snape worked and I saw on the WB studios tour the setting of the Potions class and knew Hermione stole some ingredients from Snape's private collections for the polyjuice potion etc.

*gets more parchment and black ink*

History of Magic#1

Your Homework:
My name is Kendra Binns. I have purple hair and grey eyes. I am from Finland, where people used to think everyone was a witch. I like Potions a lot and I am proud and ambitious so it makes me a great Slytherin. My mother is a pure-blood and my father is a squib. My mother could be Harry Potter's mother, they are the same age, though she had me at 23. She believes love is all around. My father is very muggle-ish. I have chosen to follow this course because I didn't know it was optional for first years, so I took it anyway hoping to learn something along the way. I think we will learn some historical facts about magic and wizards or witches. I know the version of muggles about witches in Europe, not so much the version where their bonfires just tickled real witches before they apparated away or something.

Sources: got my name from googling random HP name, but I was already thinking of something similar. I've read all the books, seen movies, visited WB studios. I am not going to let being a fan of Harry Potter series just fade away after being a fan since I can't remember how young, but at least from 1999. 

Care of Magical Creatures Homework:


I expect to know more about magical beasts, where to find them etc.

I would like to work up to dangerous dragons when I get old and tough.

I already mentioned flobberworms in Potions and I hope not to see more of them today.

We have a dog at home, it's a yellow labrador retriever. I don't think students are allowed them.

I would go to Diagon Alley and purchase an owl if I had enough gold galleons. Magical Menagerie or Eeylops Owl Emporium would be the places I'd look out for.

Sources: harry potter universe in my head


Trolls ooze snot from their huge nostrils, they smell bad from every bodily crack,

It is bad enough to meet one, or make it their acquintance.

Greedily they hunt and eat, everything they grasp from land and air.

A pile of troll dung you might find from mountains high up away,

The biggest troll wins to be the king, no laziness is allowed.

Speak troll and shall you not be smart.

Types of trolls you see out there, better be wary since the beasts are dark.

(I hate poems.)

Potions HW #3

Slytherins are good at Potions? by Ms Kendra Binns

the Wiggenweld Potion is most commonly used to reverse effects of the Draught of Living Death. Can wake up cursed princesses or give stamina to sleepy students... On the pages of the book are listed, the


salamander blood

10 lionfish spines

flobberworm mucus


boom berry juice

and a sprig of mint to color in case the final color isn't green, or for taste, more likely I think?


First add salamander blood until potion is red, stir until it is orange, add some more of it until you have a yellow mixture and then it should turn green after more stirring. Adding more salamander blood, after a hint of turquoise, add heat until indigo. Keep adding salamander blood until pink. Heat and add half of the lionfish spines when it is red again. Heat steadily, add rest of the lionfish spines and heat until yellow. Add flobberworm mucus before turning purple. Stir until red, adding more flobberworm mucus. Color should be orange then yellow when stirring. A turquoise color will appear when adding spearingly honeywater. Add the boomberry juice, stir and let simmer for thirty minutes. Allow to cool and add mint (optional)

My thoughts on the potion: very pretty and colorful display of different hues of, well, color. Not to be made by color-blind people! Simple ingredients, not too many nor too dangerous to handle. It doesn't take forever to make, either. Cooling takes up time and the simmering.... Mint must be refreshing for the breath if they'd been sleeping for a long time. Two birds with one stone!

Must pay close attention to: amounts, stirring, adding heat, and change in appearance of the potion, but nothing too complicated. I think I did better than at least my pair in the classroom who was Alexiana from Slytherin.

Note to self: maybe she was reading the potions book when she came to sleep on Saturday evening and almost woke me up, with glancing around and, waving her head to the side while, I pretended to be asleep.. and dreamt of a love of my life. No time for "that" in classes because I have to memorise these things. Maybe my prince is not Slytherin and he is alone somewhere, but awake in my dream...

Sources: harrypotter.wikia, and an OC from an fb RP group appearing as the partner in class

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