anonyymit pysykää poissa! Kerjääminen kielletty



Moving houses is fun, but very tiring, exhausting and famishing.
People have asked me "Where to-?" quite a few times when I told them I was moving today.
I want to downsize as well. Next plan is 50m2, it's 54 now and was 58m2 for three years.
We have so much trash? Doggie did a bad thing too and went to the bio trash when we left him unsupervised for a bit in the old flat. But our old neighbour said we shouldn't leave it in the car either. Our dogsitter canceled.

I mostly supervised the operation and oversaw which one carried what, making sure everything big was moving towards the door.

Tonight might fall asleep and sleep like a log. After having sauna and a beer and resting on my back.
We started after 9am, before 10 am and finished like an hour ago so between 1-2 pm... It was all so well. So much things to get done left,
like the cleaning, leaving the keys,  picking up new keys, helping the previous habitant of our new flat with moving,
and that is very much really right there.

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