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1. say and do everything
2. except that or that
3. end up in a shitty situation anyway

 = LIFE.

oops. I think I know better. But sometimes people skip #2

..If I had to choose a picture to put up here. From being awake last night and previous night only sleeping for full two hours (or less) I don't know what fuckery to choose...
1. know nothing
2. choose nothing
3. mean the fuck out of everything


 .and if I forgot something in my "recipes" just 1 more thing.  well, uh, two things. Recipes for falling in love, recipe for sex, and ..other stuff if you enrolled in life.. coz am so wise but I gotta share this simple information if I jsut started jiggy with it..

science backed.
1. stranger
2. uncertainty
3. third ingredient is harder to find tho. it's approval from your surroundings 

yeah what else did I promise. sex... no there really isn't other rules but consent. "Everyone is so different in bed... " aren't we all. life fucks us all.

yeah and um.  this really is not so hard. I'm the queen of hard. Also I'm master of nothing. definateleys. what else. might have overshared. fake hashtags. too many tweets to mention. time and skill wasteds.

love hasn't got to do with it. it is already in the air anyway so can't put it back in the bottle.
if I had a bath tub could try bottling farts tho

Shopping list for new apt.:
shower curtains

thanks and may it be an evening star shine upon you
*still hasn't decided what pic/vid/etc to use for this post

Hoofwanking Thundercunt

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