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keskiviikkona, tammikuuta 10, 2018

don't tell him it's me

Woke up 6am even though I don't have to go to school until ten. My dreams were nice. It's like watching tv, except nice to wake up? I lost like a pound from yesterday. School was quite intense.
I am not even close to having packed everything so we can move to another flat.
Teacher said my name yesterday so many times I quit counting at four. "Kajsa is here to my left, so let's start from her.", "I told Kajsa...", etc.. I was mostly annoyed at not presenting him with quality final product. I thought it was just practise.. the machine was old and had it's quirks and kinks on how to operate it unlike some of the new printing machines. Those had to be just reasoned with common sense, or asked about from others and took a lot of operating time, because he was in the teacher's room most of the day..

If today is the same omg. I will have to skip an hour or two at the end of the day today and maybe tomorrow.

oki bai

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