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Day2 of my potterworld studies (I should be packing irl tho)

all subjects, a list
I got an exceeds expectations grade on my Potions homework & 10 House Points!

Charms HW #1

My name is Kendra Binns, I am a first year in the Slytherin House. My wand chose me because it thinks I will produce all kinds of charms with it that are varied, and Ollivanders said something about me needing to challenge the wand. So I plan to try all kinds of spells with it. My mother is a pureblood and dad's a squib, though he prefers the muggle world. I was the only child of my parents and they were together for my first year in life, and dad has denied me to speak of any of his relatives at the school or anywhere else. He almost made me do an unbreakable vow about it, if he knew any magic. 
I expect for the next seven years to pass everything and get good grades for me and my wand are into all kinds of magic. I'd like to levitate things around, push things out of the way and produce elements out of my wand like set things on fire or extinguish it, and call objects from across the room towards me. I'm most excited to learn inaudible spells, but that might come much later.
I think Charms might be one of my favorite subjects, yes. I am into Potions too.

Potions Week4 HW.

We are supposed to spray our Doxycide on them? -my potions partner Alexiana asks in a hushed voice. She is always getting ahead of herself. - I think we just need to make the potion for now... I mutter and she calms down. Of course, and she starts to read again.
Bundimun Ooze (juiced)
Streeler shells (ground)
Dragon liver (chopped)
a dash of Hemlock essence
A dash of Tormentil tincture
A glug of Cowbane essence
Brewing Instructions:
Put Bundimun acid inside the cauldron and stir rapidly. Grind the Steeler shells and throw in. Stir. Heat. Add chopped dragon liver, stir fast. Add hemlock essence and stir. Add Cowbane essence and Tormentil tincture. Stir slowly and heat until you finish with a wave of the wand over it.

I want to chop the dragonliver, and my partner agrees. She juices the Bundimun and I grind shells and we both inspect it before they are thrown in.
Alexiana tells me that Zygmund Budge invented this potion, and his first attempts set fire to a whole island. I get worried it all explodes when she begins stirring. I tell her to slow down as I add the last ingredients. She slows down a lot and while the potion looks black, I ask if I may wave my wand over it... Alexiana says there will be no wand waving in Potions and refuses. I think she is silly, and my wand likes to be challenged so I swiggle it over the cauldron in a wave like motion.
-do you still want to use this on the doxies? I ask her, smirking. We both look at the venomous looking mixture. She is too proud to reply. We clean up and put the poison in a flask for further inspection by the teacher.

I take a last glance towards the doxies and it looks like one winks at me but I'm not sure. I don't think they know how long they would live if we sprayed them with all the doxycide we brewed today as a class.

Added a song to my profile<3 I bought VIP for a month on the site.

EDIT. Muggle Studies for Beginners HW#1

Her name was Kendra Binns. She was a first year student from Finland with purple hair. Her grey eyes scanned the class-room. It was her squib father who would've not scoffed at this class, coming from wizard parents and living like a muggle. It was then she decided not to mention her parentage on the parchment in front of her. It was all the same. She decided to scribble the basics on the paper. Her age was eleven, and she only knew one spell properly. She did recognize there was dark magic and then there was the other magic, good or useful or funny... and wizards and witches had wands but it made them no more special than beasts that they were hiding from muggles. After all, everyone used to think people who were from her country are all witches. She added that generalisation of her nation on the paper and thought some purebloods might find this interesting. Kendra knew about the Internet, and computers because her dad repaired and sold such systems. Her mother had been with a pureblood wizard for half of Kendra's life and her siblings were planned.
If Kendra had not gotten the letter, she couldn't have gone to live with her dad because he had re-married. It was a life of magic for her and she wanted to earn it. Learning some more muggle words or even up to their politics was only going to make her get along with her dad better... if she visited him sometimes, that was. Hogwarts magic messed up all the muggle devices, so she wrote:

Muggles love electrical things and I can't contact muggles from school grounds, so how we will learn anything that they think is current in their world?

She paused.

She feared she wouldn't learn anything. It was her only hope that the other Slytherins in her class wouldn't understand muggles the way she already had learnt that they were like. She might be helpful to other students in this class. She added on the paper:

Muggles also love to own things. Muggles love money, because they can't use magic for help. Dear other students, be kind to muggles, they are too caught up in the bubble of everything new and exciting to make them have a better life and live longer, as to us wizard we have stayed still in time... I hope the years of learning muggle studies helps you to combine best of both worlds.

She thanked her audience.

She loved to present things in front of the class and wished she hadn't been so well prepared for this. Maybe she would have to try skyping with his dad from Hogsmeade when she could.

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