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lauantaina, joulukuuta 30, 2017

Some ranting for my own pleasure and clear out my head from the chaos that is the oussidewurld

Been going through my cupboards and closet etc spaces and emptying and re-filling boxes lol... I'm moving but the only one doing anything about it :/ I was thinking I might have to lift some barbells all month or start running or something to be able to move my things from place B from A.

Every moment is precious. I have about a month to move, and I should probably downsize that time to half because I've got school too, soon-ish.
I have a flea market table booked but I feel like I only have too many books or stuff nobody wants.. maybe cause I tend to use everything until the end of it's cycle, and I have my own style or taste of things I've spent money on (wiccan things or things I don't want to part with), or just cheap China things or not anything useful I dunno... you get the picture, I never learned to share cause I was the only child of parents who weren't together more than a year..

I was watching a vid on YouTube too about dangers of minimalism. I guess am a bit like the magical beast that fills up the space it's occupying... omigami or whatever.

I guess YouTube thinks I do not spend enough time watching ads now I have spotify premium for three months xDD

I was watching a bit of skillshare but it didn't really inspire me with using acrylics or doing mixed media or anything.
I took dog out a couple of times, watched some tv (only things I record are like Hotels/restaurants from Hell and Hell's Kitchen, or whatever. Guess I used to watch most F Word episodes on YouTube once too...) yeah and Fear the Walking Dead but I'm kind of lost at where the plot is going? I don't know where I left off. I guess books and movies are in the same genre for a reason..

Looking forward to the final cleaning task before giving out the (4) keys to this apartment... I don't know if I care where I live.. we moved here together and it wasn't about me wanting to move here.

We have to paint a bit cause he's leaned on the wall every night with his head and it has black showing through.. and put a shelf back from the way of the dish washer.. I kinda want his clothes out the way and he could take the donation stuff box away from the closet and dunno....... stuff that is his mum's like tupperware, more stuff ..he's done nothing.
 He did put my clothes in the washing machine yesterday and I put them up to dry but at the same time he says on some threatening voice I will have to buy my cleaning stuff from now on by myself like wtf, I used to use like one box of it in a year, so anyways ok, he talked for over four hours on the phone yesterday and he's got work today, so.. maybe he will start doing at least something here.. just called and he said exactly that he will do nothing today.. fuckedy. good thing I took out the trash last night around midnight for an hour -sneaked out and had some one night stand with some random tinder guy whose first message was that he didn't want to waste my time so could me and him just make love and ...well I forgot the rest, which is my point. It was nice to be touched by someone else for a change and I felt like a wild girly me again dunno. It was hella slippery out there and I had slippers on but yea. I think my words made sense right.. I have never and ever will blog about any sexual adventures I've had, and people would still assume it was me x)

Anyways. Leg is going numb. Found a hematite ring and wearing it on my pinky. My chubby fingers are just so depressing. I guess I've gained weight again but yeah was supposed to stop smoking or at least smoke less but yeah yeah addiction is an illness blah blah. You know, when you just give in? And you know you are lying. Still won't stop even though you know all research it's bad and how it will affect you... still you just. will. on...

Me too.

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