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perjantaina, joulukuuta 22, 2017

I'm a nice person so you don't have to..

Feikki kiiwi, banaani, omena, mandariini tai sitruuna maksaa Kiinassa yhtä paljon kuin joku aito hedelmä Suomessa... :O

Jooh, käytin loput rahat kiinaostoksiin. Tilasin johdoille pidikkeitä, pentagrammi kaulakorun ja jonkun muun korunkin vielä noiden lisäksi lahjaksi jonka antaa joskus... Nyt kun oisi joku nätti kulho jossa esitellä noita :/, eikun, maalauksen aiheeksi sommittelua varten ostin?

Ehkä alan olla jo väsynyt! Siivottu jotain kolme tuntia? Ihan hyvin voisi suihkuun ja nukkuu.
Suurimmat roskat meillä oli pakastimen päällä ja keittiön pöydällä tms ympäristössä.
Ehkä jonkun jutun voisi paketoida vielä huomenna, mutta alkaa olla jo tehtynä noi. Muutenkin luuttuan ehkä vasta huomenna olkkarin.. alkoi alaselkään sattua kesken.

Hitto meidän matot oli ihan koirankarvoissa. Täytyy furminoida se ennen sunnuntaita. Muutenkin herrat tuo sisään tod. paljon hiekkaa.

Ripustin mun kalenterin tohon roikkuu viereeni langalla jostain koukusta jossa pari mun lontoosta otettua kuvaa canvas tauluna. Ripustin toisenkin ilmaiskalenterin kylläkin, olkkarin hyllyyn. Löytänyt nauloille oikean käyttötavan?? Jees mutta sellaista sisustusta. Kiva olla välillä ilman mattojakin.

Tarttisi olla pitkän tähtäimen suunnitelmat tiedossa jos miettii elämäänsä. Eikä mulla paljoa toiveita olisi työpaikan suhteen, jokseenkin lähellä.. oishan se ikävä jos kelloa ei saisi käyttää kun tunnen olevani niin alaston ilman rannekarkkiani.. tiettyjä uhrauksia kuitenkin tehtävä..

Voihan lolloti lollo ja pöllö. tylsääm.

In English:

washed the carpets. vacuumed floors. wiped floors with a wet cloth. Removed lots of small rocks and dog hair..  organised, threw away mail and receipts and other garbage from surfaces,
we got about nine(?) Christmas cards, one was a surprise didn't know who it was from? And yeah about to get started to be ready for the Eve. Gifts packaged, traditional sweetened casseroles were bought. hell, fiance even put some martini in my martini glass for me and I was fahkin poopin when he handed it to me in the toilet. I took a couple of "expired" a year ago green tea tablets, am tired after driving around and shopping and first in the morning we did pay bills.. there are still some left (surprise, surprise!) but that's another thing to get stressed over, so whatever.
Dog has got to be furminated before Sunday so can take him with us. We are seeing relatives whose traditional xmas food array and selection has been quite.. extensive and delicious in it's richness but rusticness also too. Rustic meets urban a lot I guess. Fish eggs meet homemade casseroles, there's an almond in the rice porridge, and tarts have plum jam in the middle and gingerbread cookies go well with blue cheese and mulled wine and, perhaps a glass of wine etc. potatoes with sauce, salads, the oven baked ham the night before, salmon or gravlax, and other fishes from lake, and moose meat or turkey or... it's rare that they remember to document the foods before it's been served but I have a good memory since it's like a yearly thing now we've enjoyed a feast for Kings... last year I went alone with the dog cause fiance was quite ill. He doesn't want me to even bring it up.
What else? Christmas songs, red and white elf hats with pom poms, mittens, grey, green, red, white, blue..peace on Earth and gifts and Santa and elves and sun-god born again on yule and I dunno I just an't keep my eyes open anymore

*takes a break* had some noodles.. took a shower.. chatted to our airbnb guest on January about things. I feel better now, not so droopy anymore my eyelids. I used my coffee-coconut oil scrub against cellulite for my thighs ;D in the shower. I haven't blogged about having my period but yeah that too. Used to get them once a year, then for months on end when I changed the method.
Oh goodness it's getting late. I started this post with talking about my purchases from the aliexpress app tonite. I purchased some artificial fruit etc. small stuff, chord organisers and fashion jewelry (not real jewelry obviously, just some pentagram and a gift for later to someone)
I've hang the calendar I made at school nearby my laptop as well..devised it from yarn and there were a couple photo canvas boards already there of me in London.
Last time I heard from the London guy he was in India. To me it's just a place of small cocked men who ejaculate too fast as well and I wonder how they recreate so many of themselves...

Well, I'm not the next S.King with this blog but at least it flows out of me. Helps to organise thoughts and actions and stuff.

Bringing carpets back in tomorrow. I'll leave some things for tomorrow as well. There's an idiom in Finland that "Do you keep carpets on the floor?" - No, they stay on the floor without us keeping a hold of them... (joke. you may laugh. I only know rascist and homophobic, naughty jokes tho and I'm sorry for that.)

On that note I'll head to bed so, bonne nuit <----

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