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lauantaina, joulukuuta 23, 2017

I'm done checking my lists! Because I got so much done!!

Xmas is beginning to be here.
Only stuff to do anymore is relax.
It is snowing...
only strolled with the dog so far, with my new winter jacket, and other winterwear..
&getting dark. Will light candles maybe.. I can't think of any good gifts, anymore to give tomorrow
I got a parfume deodorant called In Love. It smells sweet and nice like me....
I could use this time to read books but nah. blog is missing these latest few bits of news... like every year... but let's go ahead not backwards. like that one xmas I threw up chocolate all nite (and almost died but no one cared tho)

Eat anything for three kilos and die.
Stay awake for a week and your brain will shut down after your psychosis and then you will die.
Drink too much water and you die.

Let's not dieeee
omg how happy did my facts sound, again? You better think twice! Cause Niklas is cunning..

I watched a "document" about strange lights on the sky on xmas eve but it was just some sappy "santa is real" kind of "I believe" mooseshit. with Santa living in North Pole and it was translated to Korvatunturi because, naturally Americans are Stupid... He lives in Finland muthabuggers.

!! But yeah... so much facts so little actual joy from actual typing right now

(; want some merriment now. Fiance should come back home or I WILL go looking for his wine bottle he hid.

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