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  1. Write letters to 5 lovely bloggers with ideas about collaborations or messages with compliments. Describe your feelings and thoughts about them in the new post.
  2. Think of 5 new topics for your blog, describe them and start a quiz about it with your followers.
  3. Write a long list of what you really want to do.
  4. Let’s do 3 items off your wish list right now!
  5. Write a post about your blogging fears. Write an honest letter to yourself in the future.
  6. Tell us about your achievements of the year.
  7. Tell us about your failures (or lessons) of the year.
  8. Choose 5 awesome photos of the year.
  9. Write about 5 goals for the next year.
1. I saw this one vlogger go to the President's castle on Independence Day partyy... -whatsher-name. I have a nice tattooist friend who I've fallen out of touch with to write her letters, she's into cats and nerdy stuff but it's mostly instagram material not blogging. There are no bloggers I'm into following. Maybe some cartoonists surprise me once in a while in a pleasant way with their talents. Only been following one celeb and he dies in all his roles. Hmm... my school buddies are inspirational in their own ways.

Description: food failures at why I don't how to buy proper food etc lazyness, rants about my days of missing school which sounds really boring, then list all my nicknames on every adult site, tell about my porn or masturbation habits, learn to make book reviews and post those, also if I play a game on my mac or iPhone, it would be nice to properly post about it too.

Which games do I play and which ones do you recommend?
Books I should read?
Why doesn't anyone comment on my blog?
What am I even studying and how does it work?
What do I eat and do you want to see it? Do you think I meal prep?
How much time instead of blogging I should spend looking at exercise equipment, getting out of breath, go outside, run up the stairs, or clean until I'm sweaty and then burn some more calories or starve myself or-whatever...

3. Do minimalism, stretching like yoga and pilates or lifting weights, wake up early, become pro in things.

4. Suck on my lolipop, get more followers and be viral

5. Right now I'm afraid I still won't be very popular. Who knows if I still felt this way after millions of visitors, to my blog.

6. Learnt Photoshop etc editing tools. Read a couple of books. Managed to live even though  with always being broke financially.

7.  Too much skipping school when some have done none of that. Stopped gaining weight but not nice to be the size I am (obese).

8. A sunset picture I took by a lake in summer on a cottage porch. My new logo and the drawing of my face if those count? Well all of the pictures I've put up on my blogs not so much selfies or pictures of our dog but yeah.

9. Throw stuff away/not hoard my things, lose weight, do more stretching at least, watch more tv lol and keep up with school work.

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