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tiistaina, joulukuuta 05, 2017


Observatory music from a game... I was so happy to sleep I didn't want to wake up but kept hitting snooze for hours... 5.40-8-9 am at least I just kept hitting snooze. I installed a wake up light now... It will gradually add light to the room and then has this big alarm noise.
I could still go to school for the day but I'd be late as fuck.
I had coffee and went to have a cigarette and watched a ten types of furries -vid from YouTube. Dog had eaten his food when I came back in. One of my guilty pleasures is now this music from this Idle Universe app game. Wanting to make particles or something
Yeah and before the coffee or food we had our chocolate advent calendar pieces and before that when I did wake up I went to take my antidepressant and went to the toilet. Why didn't I wake up then? Must've been sleep walking. Not sure I would've had had school until 4pm if the teachers decided to have another meeting. I don't know. I could still fucking go but can't be bothered with clothes and makeup. I got tax returns this morning and tomorrow is Finland's Independence Day.. not sure which bills to pay or buy chocolate or what. I might have to watch the reception they're televising tomorrow. If I catch a glimpse of anyone I know at the Presidents castle shaking hands or small-talking or whatnot X)
Monday seeing a friend downtown. No school then. I should really use this time studying, shouldn't I? Feeling a bit guilty but I didn't purposefully lay there in my bed so happy and content.

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