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tiistaina, marraskuuta 07, 2017

undesirables no1's

loneliness, sadness, blues. all the cool kids know these songs (above) mr. lonely and behind blue eyes...
not like Blues, Blues but like the blues. kinda same things. not like crippling depression or cynicism
I just mean something as dangerous as smoking. those feels that kill as bad. black humor about urself, bad confidence, lack of communication,.

defining vs naming things
 words give power to the thing your suffering from, so it's called freezing when you get stuck and can't like flee from your words even in rap I think, you just lose. In defining you're at least learning and not in a state of fight or flight anymore-
I don't blog out of anger or fear, I'm already happily suffering from blogging. comes full circle ..
two vertical lines never meet no matter how curvy space was.. that's sad. mathematics is sad
asdfghjklöä.. I know I got to do something but I can't just, whoa look at the time!!

 let me not confuse you no longer. I realise you have lives. So until I read your memoirs...

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