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maanantaina, marraskuuta 06, 2017

People are just as weird as you

...and sometimes think the same things as you, you just don't know it<3

met some nice peoples in apps tonight. well it's only 7pm.. fiancés walking the dog. ate a burger, didn't even put it in the microwave cause I have guts to bite on to it even without.
could've used some ketchup. just an afterthought... lols.

being on my mac and listening to some youtube vids. I would listen to spotify butthnoways besides I can listen to a whole album from ^

not much has happeneds. besides me being on some apps all evening. I downloaded..

  • speaky
  • patook
  • Doongle

got a letter in the mail from some dude who sent me a letter earlier and I still not have replied. And on patook you can swipe on people and message them so, I did and there was a deviantArt user on there. Speaky is mainly full of arabic dudes trying to "better in English" whatever it means to get better at English XDD

feeling ambiguous like this language is.

Finns are not ambiguous!

ahh so. had a nice chat with some girls on the smoking spot today. asked if her vape makes her sniffle more from the nose but I guess it's just my reaction. they even said bye. otherwise been trying to stay around the dudes of my class, cause. well, dudees. aren't as ...well, tunnel vision. less bitching, more talking shit in a cool manner like who cares, dudes and dudettes.

now sexual positivity partx. I heards it's been a subject of talk lateleys but I'm more into embarrassing myself with baring it all textually of course.. well, what did you expect? metoo#
I mean, it's just too much information to talkeh about my toys and vagina and stuff. Rolling of eyes here. Question though. Does a dildo dry out your vagina more or... I dunno, I washed it but maybe it needed to be desinfected. hmm, and I got a connection with the veins and the balls and whatnot cause I had the same toy as my first dildo and it's like how do you know I'm not sitting here with a dildo up my butt x¨¨D

ok noo. stop this madness.

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