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torstaina, marraskuuta 23, 2017

I'm psychic. I am ice. I'm the bug in your system where I used to be weak to only my own kind. LA LALALALALALa.

That euphora feeling when you and Ben Affleck as Batman say the exact same line in a movie that you haven't seen and it's a reflex for both of you... "I bought the bank." I thought Wonder Woman had too much lines though, doesn't she have her own movie out?
I remember Ben Affleck breaking up with Jennifer Lopez, was it after she made a whole album about how much she loved him? I got the album, it wasn't too good.
Totally would recommend this movie to my bff but not only because she loves bats and Batman movies, but... I have already recommended some great movies to her. I really want to boast my duet line to her of what happened, and I even have a witness for it. My batman moment<3 I'm so rich inside, no matter how poor or in debt I was sorta. Although I did give the middle finger to some old lady yesterday. I was going to apologise but she shut my mouth, and I was like the lightning and she would've kept shouting and being rude so I just passed by. I'm no Superman. It's like in that Men in Black movie where the one guy shots the little girl in a simulation for being suspicious, having a book or something. Idk
Anyway, roll over and die, grannies, I'm going. In a superhero movie not sure I'd save any "civilians", I'd be no hero... does that make me some kinda bad guy, dunnoes. I'm more like, Spidey, having to learn to be a hero the hard way, letting someone do the bad thing and ending up killing your dearest ones so, it isn't like black or white, good vs evil, it's more like, a lot of grey and then a fake sparkle of the white stuff and black stays black unseen of the human eye and never really proven but co-existing as energy that somehow moves galaxies. So yep. That's the yolks without the chicken, folks.
I don't know if I really wanna switch to Finnish now to make more sense unless peoples actually translate my blog writings and be like what the actual fucking she does mean, yo.
Justice, a big fan, me and the big ole Kal-el. Who isn't?
Never mind, rhetorical baddie question.
So the movie I went to see was, Justice League. I've seen all the X-men movies, I've seen Resident Evil ones, hell I've seen Hostel and Saw movies, but yeah... I don't have some epic favorite top list of movies. It's like a soul tattoo, I'll recommend a movie to you but it doesn't have to be some ultimate bestest ever or whatnot, like maybe you can even teach me something about the movie I picked for me too, cause there are so many views and so little time to pick up it all, if not the book it's based on.

Bleh, no school today for me, cause the blizzard messed up my supernatural-wanting-to-go-to-school senses. I think I'm ready tomorrow though.

By the fucking way, I wish you happy Thanksgiving. We don't have that here so I think I just had like at least 6000 calories of whatever I'm thankful for. Might gain a few, might do. But who cares at least I'm still functional, round is a shape, and hey--- I BOUGHT THE BANK.

(must be symbolical for something, maybe just that he actually does have a lot of money, or I don't know what, it's just in Gotham anyway but.. he's also kind of um. well, I guess everyone wears a.. uh, mask?)


[People with IQ over 180] think faster and more intuitively, but usually more accurately. The intuitiveness is usually that their minds pick up details and patterns more quickly, allowing them to make faster, usually better, decisions and come up with faster, better solutions to problems.-Martin Dyer on Quora

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