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tiistaina, marraskuuta 07, 2017

comma on!

uh huh.. went to buy a bar of gingerbread chocolate, pepsi and orange juice. makes a lot of sense. I make not sensible decisions. tried to sleep ,started giggling at old not so funny memories even, and got up went out, nearby shop I was there two hours ago. Feel like sleeping soon but that's only an excuse... watched some videos on studying and revision but I am not a good student just shouldn't be bothered I guess.. yea I did a free online tarot reading for myself and end result was hermit.  Looks like I have some backstabbers too cause I got hanged man as a card too. Never mind, should probably be alone and not talk to anybody but ..I dunno how I can get people to leave me alone now they know I'm sooo easy to chat to. Was first one at school today and first one to leave. well of those who stayed anyways. sigh!! can I do like passive agressive sigh or nah?
well, it's all in your mind

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