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tiistaina, marraskuuta 07, 2017

bedtime stories

can't decide if Finnish or English, Swedish or French. mais oui, that's the order of languages I understand some things on. I don't speak sarcasm, or elvish or a lot of languages really

By elvish I don't mean those lord of the rings elves by the way but in Finnish folklore. tonttu

My pretty little memory (wish I had a pensieve like in Harry Potter)
was that, when waiting for my london guy arrive to the camden gig for hours, I talked to a ticket seller and he asked if I got a ticket because I was motioning him to me and I was like yeah, do you know they're from South-Africa and what Seether means in South-African, because it means cunt. He was pretty quick witted because he got it that they'd been shouting TICKETS TO (CUNT) and then said wait until the other ticket sellers hear this. lol? Then I talked to the bouncers (there were a few) and they asked what I was doing (Am I alright) and said I was waiting for someone. They told me to leave the ticket there and he/she could pick it up when they arrive. I said I don't know his name. They asked if I know what he looks like, I answered I've had sex with him. Etc.. I also talked to someone promoting his rap CD's and whether I should buy gum so I can kiss him when he arrives and he said he kisses his kids after he's smoked weed and something about dangers of cigarettes cause I was smoking a few! but yeah.. that was 2015, good memories. Except for my makeup and attire to the show I feel like I looked like crap and I think my london guy felt as crap as I looked like cause he was pretty hungry and we stopped for him to buy rennies and then he walked me to the hostel after the gig and we hugged goodbye.

YEAH so that was quite random. I also thought about looking quite fab when I was 17 and in England. i'd masturbate to pictures of myself back then ah ha. seriously I don't think there's ever anything "on" in porn.. it's not really television ,eh?
do pleasure yourself don't keep your hands to yourself, yeah kiddos. that's my bedtime stories for ya tonight and sleep tight see you tomorrows'sss and more peoples come by and I'm grateful if anyone read this far ;x

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