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lauantaina, syyskuuta 23, 2017

ow ya know

Oh hi. Friday sucked. About six hours of fasting when I went to get myself checked out in women's diseases ward (other patients were mostly pregnant. you get the picture,) because of my flow and it was indeed a bit thick the wall inside my vagina, but they're going to schedule me to another place next week to get in hormone coils.
At school:

  1. been offset printing 
  2.  screen printing 
  3.  glueing books together and wireing them etc 
  4. designing covers on adobe's programmes
  5.  and keeping a wordpress blog on the side...

whoa don't think I've yet to explain to anyone what it is we have done on my "course". I got "kiitettävä" on my wired notebook, which means A or B (10 or 9?) in sort of school grades. I shared an image of the covers on instagram, not sure anyone noticed, it is safely in my school locker right now

Well my fleamarket sales flopped. I only made 20eur. I'm selling my hardcover harry potter saga next week for 75 eur.

I bought too much stuff yesterday with my debit card... but I needed them. a tank for my vape, a charger for my 3ds, meds to stop bleeding so much, espresso grounds, and a meal at burgerking (which I totally deserved after not eating all day) and I gave ten euros to my drives for gas and ten euros was put on my bus card. Travel is so expensive!

What else....

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