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just checking if it's live

Weird. It said I don't have g+ profile but I have almost 200 followers etc. I was pretty sure my whole blog had disappeared for a sec...
Anyway, I was googling in Ukranian to find this lipstick for this New Yorker gay funny person on It would cost like ten euros but then shipping it to him and yeah... maybe let him dream or let someone else do it.
just drew some Ukrainian onto google translate and reserched a bit more.

I'm bored. I think I was in the toilet for half an hour just watching this guy be almost offensive. I swiped my behind just as the coin drop bursted and I spent like too much on the broadcast.
crap. crap. and only five people got it so that was such a stupid game anyways to be spending all that.

What else? carnt remember. must've forgot to do any real inventory for the flea market tomorrows...
I'm.... out.

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