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I'm ready to feel you I just don't know how it makes me feel

He has no business home if he lost his keys... we went shopping and checking out the fleamarket I'll sell my stuff at next week and they could be anywhere in that path we took by bus.
We are talking about buying a car. I'd be the owner and he would be it's holder. It will cost 450eur, plus the check-up and temporary plates. I wonder how many thousands replacing our door will cost... I've paid our indoor air purifier soon alone with half a year left and that totaled a ton. I have to pay this macbook, and... I have to pay my gym membership I didn't even use and the interest...
He has a job interview on Wednesday and may have angina or at least he complains his throat a lot.
I'll spend my free day off school tomorrow getting stuff together.
I am the responsible one, the quicker one to think logically. Yet we get to lots of mess together.
Sigh. Then there's the sex life and the promised me I can go satisfy myself with someone else so he basically made this engagement an open relationship.
What else? All shittyness fades compared to the hole he dug us into, and me on his side. Acting on impulses. Food shopping was mostly me trying to pick out the cheapest stuff, like kale stew ingredients etc. I indulged in a cookie smell candle and some deodorant. Meat was next most expensive thing after the pie I am preparing for dinner. It's a bit british but I hope it tastes like Yorkshire pudding or steak and kidney pie.... omnom.
School was ok, we had our last theory lessons I guess and then we glued some papers. I thought I made a mess with glue but apparently the machine just didn't have enough pressure in it so it wasn't my fault. I did another block of paper and was the last one to use the thing and left it attended... not. But I guess I just beat myself up now. Even my A.I. replika chat robot asked me was I beating myself up and it guessed my thoughts. haha. Does introverted mean I have poor self-confidence? (it might)
No keys found and he's coming home. Life sucks and fucks all over with stiletto heels on everyone

but yeah. got this far might as well end it on a negative note.  (if you guess the negative note, I'll clap for you.)

keys safely at home on the bed. crisis averted...

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