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maanantaina, syyskuuta 25, 2017

hello bully nation

Whatever Finland, whatever. I asked for stuff to do in Tampere yesterday in a facebook group (find new friends here) and a comment saying my answer to all of them was somehow negative - got three ha ha reactions and a crying laughter emoji comment underneath. I only commented twice to the thread that what we weren't going to do, before that "nice" comment was there.

We ended up going downtown for a walk, some tea and window shopping / people watching.

My friends on facebook were supportive, and that I'm me and I'm lucky to be, when I pondered about yesterday's nasty comment on my status.

I'm awake 3am-ish because discharge again. I laid two towels under me on a fleece blanket and almost bled on the bed, but at least got some sleep.. it had seemed to calmed down but I guess not.. I'm so tired.
Not decided yet whether I can go to school tomorrow. If I have enough sanitary pads et cetera.

Well, well... it is morning somewhere.

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