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Not sure this urban decay's over night foundation is my thing. It is supposed to darken come night.  If anything it adds ten years on my face with howoldrobot. I also bought two makeup removers for price of one.. They were too expensive. Sigh.
We have a car now and it's fit for traffic! 
Went to see a doctor today and it was a 15 minute chat about my medication, it's side effects and basically my rehab that's gone well. I can do school 8 hour days and home is taken care of. Told him about selling stuff on fleamarket. I didn't smell like shit and my handshake was warm unlike his clammy hand. It always causes anxiety to be there. I didn't plan much what I would've said. If I started talking more about school... well what anyone know about graphic communications tech or whatever.
Tomorrow I have to go put my stuff up on this small shelf and pricing labels on my items. I don't have more than 25 items still. I dunno... maybe start doing that next...
From the 'murica shelf at food shop yesterday I bought some jell-o and twizzlers... it says on the package in Finnish that it can cause to children activity problems and concentration troubles. Won't all sugar, though.
And here I am drinking coke. haha. We made tortillas with my friend and watched some movie. I thught it was pretty boring. It's all about love was the name of the movie... I could've gone back to school after my appointment with special doctor but it's on other side of town.. I didn't want to miss an hour or two of school and spend all that time traveling in a bus. We meet so rarely as well. Two days of school next week only... it's not very good for learning as much as we could and the school didn't have our timetables for the first couple of weeks either, our computer class still isn't ready etc not done our goal rapports or whatever individual talks with class leader and we have just been scrammed in one big group with the adult group. They get basically same education but don't get free lunch... how we supposed to graduate in two years?
Well we have a test coming up. If all goes to crap, then I guess it's... been not much use.

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