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torstaina, elokuuta 03, 2017

when your mind wanders awake

Instead of looking at game of thrones memes on Pinterest, for forever, (and not caring) I am now instead looking at an article of what not to throw away never... it just... circle of life, you know? And listening to meditation music while browsing Pinterest for ideas what to blog about - and next to me is my man watching tv and telling me to clean tomorrow... where to start, though? Putting more stuff up, throwing away stuff, organising and ending up with only keeping most things, or what.

Twenty minutes later ...must agree Pinterest is useful. I found a free dieting journal to print. yasss. I did say tomorrow, just yesterday? And was up quite late, even after staying up late on, dreaming now kinky things about men and how they keep fit, when I don't even have to but, how much better I looked around twenty kilos ago?

What I was actually looking for, was some hacks for paper clips and rubber bands?

uhh I am soooo relaxed.

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