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torstaina, elokuuta 03, 2017

what makes up my alternate universe

I was on a school bench in my dream, again. There were three of my friends who are same age as me, and rest were born in late 90's. I was contemplating on doing my exams again for Finnish high school. When are the current graduates born anyway, I think it has to be early 2000's or later. In case it was an adult high school in the dream?
..when I woke up, my fave actor was on coincidentally

I took dog out about an hour ago and I read 40 pages of Science Illustrated without missing a word. Sometimes it takes a minute to read a page, sometimes it did ten. Wish I could go back to having an IQ of 125, but dude, it was ten years ago.
I put on some epic GoT music and just concentrated. I have got new slams in the mail and the YA book I ordered, not sure when some of my mail has come, because I haven't picked it up myself.

Well, I'll be thinking about 2000 years to the future instead of two, and other scientific mysteries... where man isn't seen or simply can't go.

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