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r.i.p. Kajsa... kay-suh, and even Kawsar

Alrighty. All you, dear unique visitors to my product line... :D You may have not known or it could've slipped from you cause of lack of info, but.. I am not good at selling.

1. I don't sell good.

I did sell on the phone very well, satellite susbcriptions even with only a twenty euro reward from each sale, selling a thousand euros worth of product on a five months period there, but, that was only reading a script and learning the trade of... dé-jà moo.. but yeah did I mention the one thing I am not good at, which is: to sell, selling....

I want to make the sale with you, but it's 100% bout the customer and why I want to sell it? I mean there must be like a pyramid of steps on what point of the buying process your customer is on, and such and such  science behind stuff,,, but when your client is only looking for the toilet, it's really 0 (zero) use of any diagram. (00.00 and 0%)

so, take this daily negative self speech and turn it in the wound until hurt is laughter, blood is black, and finally turned to something positive like. you know those poop emojis are just the same as in the icecream emoji. so, take a shit and turn it into a...  well not the actual shit on your hand as you wipe your turdy butt

but, I mean like. butthurt until someone eats your anus shaped chocolates that you molded from their beloved butt.... yea.. but let me, riddle you this philosophical...
blood is thicker than water.
water runs in toilets.
premise 2 1/2
blood runs through everyone.
CONCLUSION= we are just walking talking pieces of shit

so if you hear any shit...

it's raining shit these days... shit hits fans...

and my logic is black like my humor and my coke and the drawing of atoms in my drawing of caffeine atoms. so everythings the matter. and caffeine matters. so, all latte lives matters.

no I do not have a logic deficiency I just need another sip. of.... brilliant genius that is me..


neva mind the law i am the law. we are nynonyms. A+++

fuckedy fuckedy my life's a tragedy

did I mention water has 0 calories.

edit. the band is The Stillwinter

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