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sunnuntaina, elokuuta 13, 2017

Rare as they go

There was a shazam pogo on my Caprice biscuits and then I google'd Street Fighter gum caps from when we used to trade them in school when I was on my first grades. I found them, thanks google.. brings back almost some sort of memories. When I hid from the boys in the kiosk, because that was obviously where they got them and I was actually the kiosk keepers grandchild, but they did see me there at the back. No explanations needed...
I don't want to claim I had scanned them
But my crushes were Riku, Matti and Juha, and Joonas on the first grades before I moved. Riku was more into stickers, like teletubby ones, and Joonas into running and skiing etc. One guy I asked to climb and get my superball from being stuck on the shelter on the school yard, I paid him in smallest coins I could find. Matti and Juha were the ones into going to buy gum from the kiosk. Anyway, my little brothers are sort of named after my crushes (as much as mum let me to name them). Rikhard as second name, etc. Sounds complicated. Maybe I have a memory trick somewhere in my brain so that I can remember from as early as being ten years old.

Well, that was quite unnecessary to be pensive about. I rather blog about first what is on my mind and then go back to previous night. I mean, we had fun with our ex-neighbors at their new crib.
Drank, ate, had a sauna, it rained so we couldn't finish barbecuing.. but, I almost finished a bottle of Ouzo in one night. It tastes like anis and cough syrup mixture or something but it wasn't half bad. I did have a bit of neuropathy on my lower feet that almost hurt kind of tingling but then I drank three glasses of water and it went away.

So... okay.

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