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Pondering life's essential questions..

  • Paper Towns (it's a movie from a young adult book)
  • new episode of Game of Thrones (while I still have free month of Cmore)
  • still have a new episode of Shadowhunters to watch...  on Netflix

I slept most of the day again.
I honestly thought it would be Wednesday when I woke (it's not). The week has too many days. I haven't made those calls I should, rescheduled anything, nothing official that I should do. I'm not even on birth control and after my vagina got the abrasion, my periods haven't been on yet. I should ask for more results whether I have that toe fungus, but I guess it was negative after three days, when the results should've taken three weeks.
I woke up around after noon-ish and took dog out, bought cigarettes and cola and my hair was this huge fluffy thing. Dry, maybe. It's better now but I dunno, thought about shaving all of it. A new pimple on my jaw as well. It is never a good idea to sleep as much as I can, and then smoke. I get this heavy feeling. I guess I haven't taken my antidepressants this morning d'oh.. yea I should go get some more soon. I mean, why even do something that makes you feel crap.

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