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musings of a disorganised brain

Translated my blog from suomi to English, and ...I'm flabbergasted. out-of-words in my mouth. Where to start even. I rather write in Finnish, sorry guys. Below my title it translates as something like "intercourse, because why not?"
ahem, lol...

Waiting to get picked up by some relative. So, I don't have loads of time to do this. My last post took me half an hour. Usually I don't mind spending time on this but,
do as I don't do.

I hate to repeat myself. Maybe that's why. Usually I start a new blog post because I forgot to mention something? Or, as if I really had a point to start from. So, when I read my blog I see from the first two lines, that what my blog is about that time. I do love reading my posts all-over-again, it's like checking your email.

I do post "note-to-self" things, but also, write to make sense out of things around me.
If I don't remember anything when I try to write my blog, it migh be a good thing actually.

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