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lauantaina, elokuuta 05, 2017

I'm a slave 4 u, but u y no mention things to me that matter :(

I pride myself not on last night. Didn't get any sleep. (in Finnish we say "ei silmällistäkään", which means not even an eye full. idiom...)

It seemed such a short time anyway... when you're having fun (?)
I wish I had a blog where I just interviewed bands. not. But I like this band on educational in a entertaining dumb way. A comment is a hit or a miss sometimes. those guys are like, younger than me
*inhales deeply*
I was having the rest of my fiance's cigar, and... I dunno you get addicted to certain kind of things. Like smells like that vanilla or dunno, the shape of someone's penis or their favorite drink or whatever. The childishness, how sweet you are, or just what you like about yourself that you see in that person. it must be some sort of genes passing forward type of coupling thing need whatevs

am too tired to think. Pretty sure today will go by on automatic. (as if it did usually)
okay so I was having good ole cybersex with a random dude.. and then the person to whom I was sexting to, switched.. and then I had real fucking... so, what's the best outta that kind of hook-ups? 1)one night of being called a bitch, 2) few years of having no strings attached and maybe seeing once a year after meeting them, missing chatting to them, or 3)living with someone with all the irks and perks. There is of course more options, too of being: a secret lover. stalking celebs, teasing a boss or a teacher or some other authorative figure, and less obvious stuff you don't really even count like, self-loving or stranger stuff that never develops into an affair or sexual plane, platonic friendship at most. I mean I'm not sure which of those I could live by, live without, or live with.

what's love got to do with it... *thinks of the song and pulls up a chart of perfect relationship incredients an scientific formulas on how to fall in love..etc*
but am hungry. and I don't DO SUMMARIES !101
 1-on-1 = 101 (in case I have to explain)

it don't matter. relationship= you get what you need. no relationship= no needs.

(did I summarize this actually by accident?)

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