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maanantaina, elokuuta 14, 2017

for funs I do official business

My way of relaxing: After

  • a busy day downtown, 
  • walking my 10k steps... 
  • making applications to rent a new flat
  • updating my buss card to student fares
  • meeting our new dogsitter while walking him
  • calling the property manager, .. 

what is my take on it? -Well, building a CV, of course!

That is what I do for fun while waiting for the property guy and fiance come to the flat. I hope they can come to some conclusion about the moisture damage that is their company's own fault.
No joke. I could've started reading a book called Throne of Glass, or study. I fried three eggs, and turned off our indoor air purifier. Also Spotify is on. I don't feel like cleaning here, any more than what I have. Also tried to locate where email goes to if someone sees my email was my first name at last name dot fi, cause I can't read those as I can't remember where it's hosted. I tried to search for the hosting address on my bookmarks and gmail, but nada. Usually everything important I need, is somewhere to be found!
That reminds me, my password to school computers is still on my old laptop, must be.

I got that YA book, some pens and pencils, A4 notebook, transparent plastick sticker to cover over books or something, a pencil case etc. from my friend today while we went shopping etc. We've known for eight years now. I got two roses as well, some girl was begging for money and selling them.

I'm pretty dead and have eight hours of school tomorrow.

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