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keskiviikkona, elokuuta 09, 2017

clichés I grew up with but not really understood before using them myself

bought for a dollar for one year haha.... ha. My bookstagram could use a blog. So I spent most of the evening on that. Get my mind off things.
School started for me today, and obviously it is on my mind a lot. Feeling anxious for tomorrow, and my toes are hurting from wearing too small shoes..Maybe listen to some audiobook and fall asleep, maybe... not sure I want to try the floor sleeping again, but I would definately wake up better. yawns. Not sure if wear contacts again tomorrow, but they are taking our pictures. I have to bring a lock and what else. What I already brought today for taking notes, I guess. Too bad my macbook hasn't got a cover, if I carry it around all year at school it's going to get all kinds of signs of use in my handbag.. so maybe hold that off for now.
I should've looked up my password for school computers but I am quite sure I've misplaced most important papers and now can only login from a browser, like my phone, that isn't locked with the username.
I study graphical technology then. I wasn't sure what the media in the name implied, like will I be a graphic designer? Probably more to do with ink and printing. If I get rather good at it, I might get a job. My dream is to work for Science Illustrated in Finland. A relative knows the woman who prints it currently, I heard her say. It's an expensive magazine, she must be well-paid. And an uncle designs some toilet paper patterns or whatever.
Anyways, it's getting laters.. see you alligators.

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