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I'm dissatisfied as fuck. His dick is too sore to have sex, from concrete falling on him through his shirt, kinda fucking not sexually satisfied -and arguing a lot, kind of unhappy. I'm poor as fuck too and everything is annoying me. He thinks I should eat once a day to be healthy, but how much meds does he have to take; for his health, huh. He understands and knows nothing. He complains I keep gaining weight when I'm actually scared why I'm losing this weight so fast in the first place. Everything is so wrong!!!
Why can't he leave me already, if he has takers. Is it because I'd be lonely with all my stuff!??
Yeah I have some stuff. His dirty hands make a dark spots on every surface, and I can't go after him watching him where he leaves a piece of gum; or bread crumbs so much it smells like someone just baked rot dough. Who buys all the cleaning supplies? Does he just gift them to me for me to finish up using.. anyway. I'm kinda pissed off and making typos.
I don't hate mess, but I hate it if I hate something... and I can't calm down from even smoking. Yea I used last bits of money I've got on cigarettes.
I was going to come home, eat, watch a movie. And he wants to straighten bed linen, shouting I munch too much. I let go of the fucking linen and we fight. If he doesn't love me, who ever fucking has. nobody.
I'm tired already from eight hours of school. On my feet all day and when I sat down to a mac computer for less than an hour with a slow as fuck computer, my neck hurt. My neck made such a cracking noise on the bus the man in front of me started to crane his neck. It felt like it snapped in place.
I have a new bra and top in the mail but I have to pick it up first. We got pants from school and he commented on them, even though mine weren't the biggest size there was. A men's size 60.

It just hurts to come home and someone lists everything they did that day to clean up and his face has rolls like a cunt (=naama vitulla) and complains complains. Forever the complaining.
If I complain something to him, it's mostly happened in a movie and he isn't interested one bit.
Fuck my shitty fart life. 

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