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keskiviikkona, elokuuta 02, 2017

as if you knew anything about being me

Ordered some cheap aliexpress stuff... purple mascara, white eyemakeup pen, lashes and glue.
That's all of my money until the day after tomorrow. At least I can throw stuff away again?
I drew a cute smartphone and tried to use adobe illustrated on it but I guess I need to photoshop it first. d'oh.
well at least I'm awake. Took a little (pokemon)gym stroll last night. Got knocked out right away.
It is raining now. Had overnight oats for breakfast, a banana and sugarfree energy drink is still going down.
I don't like to think that I'm a negative person, depending on who says it... they're just jealous of something. Or want something of me, depending if they're my boss or a crush. anyways my minion ipad cover in the mail like yesterday. Oughta leave a review, I guess.
OOh, I had something to sell on there as well, but no one has been interested. Why isn't (my) artwork more popular? Guessing I'll have to produce more work, like great artists.
ahem. I did not just compare myself to be an artist.
My career counselor on some lower school level thought I'd make up a great makeup artist and I was a bit mad at her cause I didn't even use makeup etc.

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