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torstaina, heinäkuuta 27, 2017

what it says

visionboard from old photos
It's pretty late, but I guess I had too much caffeine today. LOL.
I'm still working on this, so ignore what it says (just a quick list sketch)
I have no idea sometimes why I've taken a photo and printed it... sometimes.
but yeah... another project today inspired by social media and what I had at hand.
I might straighten my hair tomorrow but then I would have to get up early probably and even wash my hair? I also have to give the dog a proper walk, because I'm going downtown as early as eleven in the morning. These says it's hard to wake up before nine. :(( I would love to choose when I wake up, but last night I woke up 2am for no other reason but watch and poo, most likely, and every morning no matter if I set up 3 or more alarms on my iPhone, I just keep sleeping after turning it off and I'm not even aware of it happening, like... where are the excuses, where is the laying around in bed wondering should I wake up, but nope - I'm instantly back to sleep without regrets... I hope it won't be like that when school starts..

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