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whassup thickheads (nothing going through your skull?)

I'm ecstatic about my new pink mouse. Had to buy it... clas ohlson the hardware store had so much pink stuff right now. I regret not buying a tent, that was so cheap, but it's not like I was going to any festivals this year...

also got a stick of glue and roll of sticker paper to get rid of (dog) hair on your clothes.
Been trying to make slams for swapping before we went out. Main reason I guess was to buy a shirt for my fiance's brother's wedding that is coming up. He will look better than me, I guess...

A bit of rain didn't stop us. Were by car anyway. Went to burger king and fed ourselves there.
I am really trying to clean the mess in our home. Next is like, the table of various contents in the kitchen, and the closet I guess... All my sweaters don't really fit me anymore, but at least it is summer?

Alrighty. I'm so glad I have a mouse now, I can probably do better drawings on deviantart... I don't have a proper editing software... and it was quite hard to make curved text on Paint Shop Pro 7, even though I guess I could get the download for free these days... and if you want to make a gif, you don't need a video editing thing, just use an app...

Watching him put on the suit now... I have to be the photographer, so brb... --moments later, alright so it's a dark blue slim fit jacket with an egyptian light blue shirt, and some black pants- no tie, yet. If you have the neck flaps facing up, it looks like a rain jacket when closed? It isn't supposed to close so we're good, he's lost a bit of weight, so he's like 2xl, while I'm more closer to an anxious three extra large's....

I wanted him to get the lavender pink/blue bow, but he wouldn't hear me out...

It's so sweaty and he claims I smell, but I can only smell deodorant and lavender eau de toilette? maybe it's my bra though, it hadn't dried when I put it on so it can't stink too fresh

Oh righty, where were we... nowhere... I do love shopping. I should pay some bills, but I'd rather not because then I couldn't get anything else and I don't want to be broke if something does happen
so back to crafting and drawing for me.

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