Huh mikä uni. Ovi kaatoi mut lattiaan, jokin vanha mummeli kaatoi,  ja yskäisin selkärankaa pihalle... siinä oli katkoviivat, koska kuolee ilman sitä. Olin jo sairaalassa ja siinä esittelen sitä luunpalaa kiireisille ihmisille, vaikka tulin hampaiden takia. Mutta se on kokonaan eri uni.... kaaduin johonkin esteeseen ja satoi, mutta pelastin pikkupojan putoamiselta siihen betonijuttuun

-- that sort of dreams you get, when you sniff dream bags before bed... I'm awake alright!

edit2. I was away on that class when we learnt bones in . 3rd grade but dream: once I got over getting knocked on the head on the floor and couching up some cerebral vertebrae almost and it had written on it when you'll die without this much . kinda like you have to be this tall to live, but with having spine?? anyways I was already in hospital, people were busy and maybe trying to get me under surgery for my teeth. In a previous dream I fell too, from living room into rain but saving a little kid's life though? I guess he was me though. I remember the dream all the way from refusing a piece of chocolate and throwing it away and then finding more of it on the couch like you know, graveyard of chocolate in between sofa.


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