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the random 69 Questions tag by me

  1.  What time of the year do you start waiting for Christmas? From when do you play Christmas songs?
  2. Have you done couchsurfing? If not, do you have a sofa?
  3.  Do you know anyone who downloads illegal movies? When did you last see or hear stolen goods?
  4. What's the best smartphone brand?
  5.  How often do you change home electronics?
  6. What's your relationship with the ocean (shortly).
  7.  How do you comfort a friend?
  8. Do you color adult coloring books?
  9. How much stickers do you have?
  10.  What facts abroad aren't true about your nationality?
  11.  What's your dream tapestry like?
  12.  What have you used in the dark to be seen?
  13.  Are you on twitter?
  14. How often do you take selfies?
  15.  What's negative about you?
  16.  Game you've played the longest?
  17.  What will play in your funeral?
  18. Describe how to live a good life, so people will remember you?
  19.  Tell an anagram!
  20. When did you make a poem?
  21.  What choice will affect you 2 years from now?
  22.  Are you the type to get commited?
  23. How many times have you changed addresses?
  24. Your oldest internet memory?
  25. How long do you keep a PC on usually?
  26. Does age matter, unless you are a cheese?
  27.  Recommend a beauty product?
  28. What were you like ten years ago?
  29. What is an obstacle for you?
  30.  Is the London tube easy to travel?
  31. What are your dream nails like, how much would they cost?
  32.  What entertainment do you spend most money on...
  33. Do you read questions beforehand?
  34.  Biggest questionnaire or the longest one you've spent time on the most?
  35.  If you had to glue something right now, what would it be?
  36.  Worst tool, you've had to use?
  37. What reads in a t-shirt that's closest to you, if one has text?
  38.  Geographically your most distant relative?
  39.  Do you believe in something with no "scientific evidence". eg. sleep poorly on full moon
  40.  What bothers you right now?
  41. .If something is bothering you now, will it still have effect in two days?
  42.  Do you finish what you start?
  43. How many phones or numbers have you had the most at the same time?
  44.  How many repeats does a set need if, it lasts 30 minutes?
  45. Most useless object you can reach?
  46. What have you collected or hoarded?
  47.  Have you learned to fish with someone?
  48.  Skills you'd give up? Why, or what would you trade it for?
  49. What couldn't you change about yourself?
  50.  Lyrics that you have not gotten out of your head sometime?
  51.  How good are you in the language you are native at?
  52.  A compliment you've received, that you might like?
  53. What's the last time you misunderstood something?
  54. Favourite philosopher/scientist?
  55.  Are destiny's hands tied, like the eyes of justice are blind?
  56. Could you eat porridge (oatmeal) every morning? What do you add in it?
  57.  What were you like, or what did they think of you when you were a teenager?
  58.  Do you have plans for the future, or do you live in the moment?
  59.  How many scizzors do you own?
  60.  Are bigger eyes, bigger cheekbones a beauty ideal for everyone?
  61. Your favourite thing to say, or a motto?
  62. If you'd find out, when you're going to die, would it affect your life?
  63.  What magazines do you read?
  64.  Tell us a fact or a bit of common knowledge. Sophisticate us.
  65.  Famous Do-It-Yourself "guy"?
  66. Who would you give flowers to, if it could be anyone alive or dead?
  67.  List three things you don't have but need...

1 kommentti:

  1. 1) I hate Christmas, it's the most hypocritical time of the year.
    2) Couchsurfing? Not yet. There's a sofa where I live, not mine though!
    3) Yeah, some folks I ve met in the past. As the 2nd part, most of the movies I ve watched are free, downloaded from the net, no bucks invluded!
    4) I dont give a shit about that.
    5) Do I have to?
    6) With the sea you mean. I adore the sea. Excellent swimmer here.
    7) By any means possible.
    8) Excuse me?
    9) None.
    10)Too many to mention. It's about all of us earthlings and prejustice.
    11)Non existing dream.
    13)Just tweeted you.
    15)Lazy motherfucker.
    16)Pacman when i was a kid.
    17)I don't want a funeral.
    18)Gotta be kidding me, right?
    20)Songs actually. I'm not a poet.
    21)Cant predict.
    22)Depends on what do u mean by that. In a relationship of what kind?
    23)More than 10.
    24)Hard to recall.
    25)5 years
    26)It doesnt
    28)Had hair!
    29)Smt I need to jump over .
    30)Yeah, very.
    31)Nothing to mention here.
    32)I dont spend money on that.
    33)I dont get the question
    35)Metaphorically speaking? Nah. My hair perhaps.
    36)Nothing comes to mind..
    37)Fuck off
    38)At the States somewhere but I think she might have passed away.
    40)Too many questions of yours
    44)Another one I dont get.
    45)Oh gosh...
    46)Vinyls, but they re gone now.
    47)Learn? It doesnt require any special skill to fish with someone unless youre talking about professional fishing.
    48)Expert on finding cheapest aitfares ever but nah, dont wanna trade it.
    49)Having sex on a regular basis (2 or 3 times per week) masturbating mostly.
    50)Too many to mention.
    52)I'm an open heart.
    53)Yesterday. Happens to all of us.
    55)Not sure if I can answer that.
    56)I could. Milk sugar.
    57)Sweet boy
    59)One or two.
    60)Never thought about this therefore I cant tell.
    61)All the lyrics from John Lennon's "Imagine". Literally.
    63)I dont read magazines several years now. Perhaps Maximum Rock n Roll every once in a while.
    63)Can you provide an example?
    65)How about to you?
    66) Bucks, my hair, a car (I used to have one).