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sunnuntaina, heinäkuuta 02, 2017

satan's own business

My iphones battery went down sooo fast this morning like record fast.
Slept eight hours, which is good. We're going to laundry the mattress of our bed's cover thingy today mostly because I bled on it quite a bit these past months, but I think we should just replace it with a new one
my London guy thinks my holes are going to waste if I don't fuck daily with them, like being inside me whatnot. I don't think he's a jealous type, I'm not either
just love trying things out (;
s0 that escalated quickly........ hah I am not the sexting type either, cause I am so straightforward with guys? I mean like, once it's happening ...I think I overthink or my brain just won't think anything useful because I'm holding myself back but
I'm no neurologists

gt2g D:

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