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torstaina, heinäkuuta 13, 2017

oh noes oh eek yaikes

Went to talk 'a mix of Finnish/English' with my neighbour... we talked money, sex, books/movies, parents and our relationships. It was quite a bit of fun, but kind of serious in a teary-eyed way as well. She is bi, and I'm not interested in her that-a way, since even though I have a respect for gay peoples, I'm not touchy-feely with women kindaaaaaaaa
but like I said. I don't really want to continue on those subjects on here. English comes from my spine, so it's easy to forget what the hell I've been telling people... well it's mostly all, if not everything?
Saw her on my way to buy cola from the nearby shop. I feel like I've always lived nearby a shop?
I did some stretching of my back yesterday, and it just made them hurt more... so today I skipped that, and though I've been sitting loads, it's not like I had to go to bed with my shoulders jammed.
Not sure what else to tell. (lies, lies)
ahmm okey.... got to go to sleeps soon.
Been playing a game on my laptop and bought some stuff on that, with my mobile. I know it's dumb. I also spent some money I haven't got yet, on a swingers site... 2x D'oh. I put the profile up as if it was both of us, but it's not like I told my fiancé we're on some site. -.- we have had sex lately, so it's not like we need spicing things up? ...I keep thinking about the neighbors, face... when I told her I've only had one orgasm once, with my fiance... and even then he was pretty surprised at my strong orgasm. Perplexed, no.. umm, confused! Yeah.
But nevermind. I'm going to bed I guess? I was going to stay up for like an hour more, but then my bedtimes stretch and even this morning I woke up around noon, so that's not a good thing... sleep kills, loneliness kills, cigarettes kill, alcohol kills, breathing kills, life fucks us all nobody's a virgin!!

so bye bye and take care

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