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lauantaina, heinäkuuta 15, 2017

Love shot down

Yeah... not sure what's up. I still get visits on here from like, Tacoma and USA but not sure if that has anything to do with me having an effect in anyone's lives ...I guess we all do, somehow, if you just let anyone close. I couldn't physically say my particles have travelled that far

My fiance had to play doctor, again last night, and pop my pimple down there, cuz my thighs rub together... he just laughed when I asked so what, does my vagina get spoiled- [cause of the marks it leaves] dunno... can't get rid of my stripes, or spots in this case?

It's his brothers wedding today... three hours until we kind of have to be there, and what am I dreaming? I just have a bra on and no makeup yet even, like that should be kinda important, right

Yesterday he complained I hadn't been doing anything all day. He said he'd throw my laptop out the window. I was just getting a cigarette from our neighbour. I'm actually anxious about going to this event today, so it's good to let out steam sometimes

Uhh. I guess I didn't do anything yesterday, I just played some games [Elvenar, ffsng]
but I do get addicted easily.
I don't even care anymore. it's just hard when reality smacks you in the face like a real pizza pie <3

Alright, getting ready to suck some alcohol like a sponge!!

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