Olen 29-vuotias bloggari Tampereelta. Päivittäin tulee tekstiä. Adsense tilini on hylätty joten mainoksia mun google sisällöissä ei ole.



I'm all set here

More has happened in my flat than it happened in first episode of Walking Dead's season 6-
I've been cleaning and sweating and drinking tea. My new mac computer will arrive to have it's own little portable table... a desk. I also cleared some of the space in our kitchen. I'm waiting to fiance arrive from work too and take out the trash. I bet the earthy smell is from the bio waste and the sharp stank is from me sweating, so us'll have too change bedding too. I know I've used the past couple of days mainly sleeping, but not today!

I have three pink nail polishes almost the excact same shade like a pink magenta?

PING!! It's here... my macbook Air.... I would turn it on if I knew how and don't know why the charger is showing an orange color. But, I'll soon be blogging, on that. So excited.

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