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perjantaina, heinäkuuta 07, 2017

I hope you are moving.... fidgeters

Splurged money on things I shouldn't have... a donut, iced coffee, sushi. I got 1 month free of Cmore, can't wait until Game of Thrones in ten days.
Watched an episode of some Dracula animation series, a sci-fi movie.. and started Revenant for like three minutes until I remembered how boring it must be even though Leo got on Oscar for it...
I feel like I got transported in another time for a while there and like, we're still in this alternate universe. My fiance fixed the plumbing on the toilet sink, and I'm here not doing much.. I did clean a little bit today earlier before we went downtown but... mainly trying to get rid of furniture that is taking up space? I also need to clean a space to study sometime before August. It can't be this kitchen table or my crafting table... not?
Anyways, see yer L-8-ers byeh

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