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keskiviikkona, heinäkuuta 05, 2017

how not to analyse your relationship from birthcharts ;(

Miinukset ja plussat mun nykyisessä suhteessa;
- I might find it difficult to tolerate him when he seems to be critical of my ideas. He complains that my assessments are too practical, rigid, or unimaginative. (or the other way round, not sure which is Mercury and which Saturn lol)

+ Great passionate affair, very intense and transforming. They feel that the relationship forces them to grow.

Okei, katotaas mitä noi sanoisi esim. jollekin randomi tyypille ja mulle x))

+It's love-at-first-sight, the great passion: they will be drawn to each other like two magnets, they will always have to see and touch each other. Very good sexual understanding, typically very passionate. It must be said that this type of relationship may not last forever, it may not develop into a quiet and tender love. If they part, it is close to impossible to stay friends because of the constant reminder of the passion that once existed. It's all or nothing with them. If they part, one will suffer when the passion of the other dies, it will be a very difficult time to live through. However, if they stay together, there is strength to gain from each other.
+This aspect shows an attraction to each other beyond the physical. There is a level of forgiveness and mercy in the chemistry between you. You may share your dreams together with a sense of freedom. Tolerance exists between the two of you, which is a very soothing and settling quality.

X)) LOLLEROOOOO mulla on sen fast&furious 1 näyttelijän kanssa rakkautta ensisilmäyksellä xD sen joka tekee niitä kummitusjahteja mutta jolle oon twiittaillut ja chattailut ahh?

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