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tiistaina, heinäkuuta 18, 2017

getting some typing done

Made the bed, put some ambience on, drank tea, clothes on and makeup?? Instead of proscrastinating when I woke up before 6am. All these tips provided by youtube.
Now I'm supposed to feel more productive. I guess I'll take the dog out later, and have an omelette for lunch. Almond chocolate milk is pretty good, tasty. I got some bran cereal yesterday too. My friend gave me money though but just trynna live.
I did make a bullet journal page for this month, too. Watered flowers.
It's amazing what you get done, when you don't know what you're even doing. I mean, yesterday I put nail polish and I hadn't done that in months... it's already flaking haha.
I guess I'm trying to get my act together. I already gained weight from yesterday, having alcohol and a piece of cake, too. (popcorn, pizza, you get the idea) I didn't eat anything except coffee in the morning and then lunch "started" at 2pm. I guess it'll go down from here. I skipped coffee this morning, so it doesn't burn my insides. Green tea is much more relaxing.
yeah I'm cool, just chilling.

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