Olen 29-vuotias bloggari Tampereelta. Päivittäin tulee tekstiä. Adsense tilini on hylätty joten mainoksia mun google sisällöissä ei ole.


getting some typing done

Made the bed, put some ambience on, drank tea, clothes on and makeup?? Instead of proscrastinating when I woke up before 6am. All these tips provided by youtube.
Now I'm supposed to feel more productive. I guess I'll take the dog out later, and have an omelette for lunch. Almond chocolate milk is pretty good, tasty. I got some bran cereal yesterday too. My friend gave me money though but just trynna live.
I did make a bullet journal page for this month, too. Watered flowers.
It's amazing what you get done, when you don't know what you're even doing. I mean, yesterday I put nail polish and I hadn't done that in months... it's already flaking haha.
I guess I'm trying to get my act together. I already gained weight from yesterday, having alcohol and a piece of cake, too. (popcorn, pizza, you get the idea) I didn't eat anything except coffee in the morning and then lunch "started" at 2pm. I guess it'll go down from here. I skipped coffee this morning, so it doesn't burn my insides. Green tea is much more relaxing.
yeah I'm cool, just chilling.

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