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Finally, I know tomorrow is Monday

A whole *****:n week of book reading and talking about books on youtube?? Yay, that's booktubeathon and it starts tomorrow of this year.
I might finish reading books, if I just participated in it? For reals... I mean, the red queen book and gunslinger are my top priority on my to-be-reads. I might even finish Modelland (just kidding, they don't sell the book anymore haha) and the cursed child play anddddd so many more. If I just had a comfortable place to read on. I mean, if it's on my iPhone then any sitting position is fine. I just used a credit on audible to listen to an X-files book, so... might have to listen a lot more those, too...? What will remind me to put my skullcandy pieces on my ears, though? hmm....

btw, bought a ipad mini case from ebay. it has a minion on it. lol. goes well with the little fan I have that works on batteries and has minion theme on it... my pad isn't cellular, but we just got a portable wifi, so I can probably take my ipad with me now more? Maybe it's the 2nd phone I'm on so used to already using, but never realised it was a place for a tablet in my heart.

never mind.
I was thinking of putting back my unsold books back on the shelf, and doing a young adult shelf instead. Or you know, to-be-actually-reads...
I don't have so much time anymore before school starts. Might as well not push myself ,,
I dunno... I'm such a dabbler in the book area.. it means I just dabble on one book, read it for a while and never pick it up anymore even though I remember what happened in it...

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