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perjantaina, kesäkuuta 30, 2017

sailing unknown waters of the textual surroundings of my soul and other crap I haven't googled yet

text art attempts and other html modifications done to this post so proceed with own caution!


smells like sausages and fries made in the oven and slight wind is moving the "sails" of the boats on our window drapes

begins from under here
yo look at me I'm an extra line of text

  1. we shall begin

Not even time to blog right now so you can ignore whatever I intuitively type on here... and no it isn't celeb gossip, dirty schoolgirl fantasies or
yeah dunno where my mind went off there for a little bit. I'm looking for my niche. alright?
I have no idea where to narrow down what stories I have to tell without lying and without sounding like something negative, but just do not care at my point - if I just got a theme going and flow ...uh, flowing
and not.  like pouring down.. doing some research with google while the words spam out of me but

guys, guys guyyyys like, I'm so drawn to some of them and then there's the reality of everyday stuff and isn't like a fantasy in a sense of subconscious stuff.... I mean interpretation of what I write is situational cause I can't just turn off my intuition. it don't work that way, as if I had fed you the idea, you are getting, because I believe it is your own sort of hopes dreams fears and how well you like me and things are at play if
if you read between lines, I mean most don't do that sort of thing with their source text

Like, if I write softly I'm afraid to come across as lesbian so I prefer come across as male but not in a transgender way though I have thought about transitioning but not honestly very far down that line,
ugh how can I even be a bitch without manipulating others, cause I'm soft and not hard you know but in a very definite way
feels like trying to paint in an art style a hundred years earlier your birth and not copy it word to word -.- Shakespeare had it easy

not sure if this post is still word salad. did you know there was an emoji of salad? and shrimp?? both fried and the actual creature???

fair enough. I am yet to decide who I belong to..,. like, I'm just so free should be enough but... it's complicated in a very straightforward way of things staying as they are without an outside force
and if there was a force that had separeted us, I do not know his name.

omg I just jumped like he laughed from the living room like a male witch and he's talking about someones mental issues, I need to chill

keep calm and do exactly what you were going to anyways, hehe. uhh
I may have dropped myself out of my own plot here, but dunno if I just repeat myself

and now for the resolve of all this where it's all revealed and purified and turnt to shi- excuse me, end

Some people react to suspension differently, some start to laugh, some get strange ideas that they have to involve everyone right then to what they are experiencing
and then there are my clones who get it.

just kidding.. in the end I will blend this new idea of whatever knowledge there was before and like magic the feels dissolves and heals over time like, a wound on your heart
cuz. I appreciate the most are like, well lead epic clever and visually pleasing, best,
the best,
experienced in overall image of our souls like, the end of how and what if but when it does it is
my favourite thing like better than a dream or reality cause each one to their own but...

not peace, not death... time well spent on loving the process or progress for progress sake but
but like
what's that word when more than one person experiences it at the same time .. well fuck I don't think anyone is reading this and my leg went numb and my thighs hurt from where they rub together or something, I have to wash the area 2x a day and lose the weight and all the nicotine probably

but hey!!!! Never believe all you read. (because that isn't sane muahaha)

gotta be crazy to stay sane, -saying from Osthrobotnia (I really don't spell all so well and have to think around words I know I've heard but not really used anywhere so kinda deflates the ,.)



 sorry no pix
no porn
private property
get out
free speech rights
second-time-around, love....



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