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torstaina, kesäkuuta 29, 2017

made my top list of worst movies I've naïvely started watching

NO. powers that may be they must hate me...  I know it's still in my movie player though. I want to spoon my eyes out and burn the disc and it's cover but. why. no.... like, my eyes are.. they're burning
I didn't even rub chilli in my eyes
though there is a world record for that...
not my kind of chill-- the original I spit on your grave movie from decades ago - - I saw it described as the gruesomest movie ever made, and..woah the 2010 version isn't sold anymore, but so yeah but.. see,
my friend was right. revenge porn movies don't come so gentle on the gritty and cruelsome. gore..
 I mean, it is not my kind of thing. Not by a mile

alright just wanted to get this out of my system. isn't normal anymore this.
learnt: keep never watching old movies (casablanca, still staying away from you) and don't buy used movies again under any circumstance,. and sure lastly: do not swim naked

yeah the last one is... kinda obvious . but still. It was porn, if you define bad acting porn but did I mention gruesomest m0vie evah made !? I can keep asking myself why god hates me this much
,but. I was a fool
let's start anew
it rhymes with good

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