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lovely day

Got three new dvds. Watched final chapter of resident evil. I have wine and other alcohol for midsummers 
Feeling alright. Errors were made today on my part and stuff got irritating but I don't wanna hold on to that 
I've got some cheap south-African wine that don't taste too much of cherries 
Ate profiteroles with chocolate sauce on top. A bag of chili tortilla chips, some fresh pasta, a bag of polly candies (milk chocolate ones)
And uh a roll with ham and cheese
Salad and dressing
An energy drink
Not to make a list but trying to restrain eating tomorrow to alcohol and grilled sausages,,
Going to a sauna, barbecuing. Got some bacon wrapped sausages too hmm interesting 
,,today was pay day and I ignored some bill paying already dunno why I just.. yeah suck at budgeting,
But we needed to chill and toilet paper
(Said nobody ever in the same sentence)
My phones sticky from the chocolate sauce lol it looks nasty ?
Yea and my feet hurt
Why why
Don't get wise at me
Gotta take off my bra, walked 8,6km in ballerina shoes and ugh and uncomfortable already af
..yea so bedtime duties are calling!
Mostly the day was awesome but I need to sort my priorities
Much appreciation for getting this far, 
Got a couple of spam comments on here today so that was random. They kinda made sense but not really? Maybe if u wrote to the comment to a post that was in English and it wouldn't be unrelated to what it is I had been writing? Not in a general, 
"Your content is cool" kinda way :b

Yea so I write on some app now on my phone and the pain in my legs?thighs?knees? is weird like, how to describe it..sore but maybe related to other health stuff 
responsibilities are not endless, it's just an illusion of rights downsides 


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