anonyymit pysykää poissa! Kerjääminen kielletty


carnts typos I'm to hippo

feeling upbeat, feeling happy, feeling productucious : D
no really.... I rested so well a few days.  I am new me!
I feel like I might crash soon. Crash and burn asap, so be it.
  but sooner than laters....... do not givee fucks here
I just want attention and I'm okay with that! time to love myself better.

Woke up 4~am -ish, the sun came up, was chatting on the app....... noticed I was awake, did a few minutes of podcast since 2012 :'D it still existed on podomatic!! whoa. like, I am not sure my photobucket works anymore and I've had it since 2003-ish, so it was a loss to lose all those pics I had hosted on there bohoo. Maybe just a side effect of disabling the facebook dunno don't care, not a care in the world!

maybe make some popcorn and watch my I spit on your grave has my fave actor of the moment in it. If I wanna chill... ?

oh man it's nice to know that every time I press "space bar" on my keyboard, there is already someone out there dying, being born, living the life and writing and moving on and who knows goddess what else... but life is such a big word in this little rock flying around vast cold dark space.....
Before the sun will even melt into us, we have destroyed ourselves so many millennia ago already it isn't even soon -ish. If I had to nominate someone to watch the end of the world, it would be potus Trump... sooner the better cause he has no idea about environmental issues
united states is just one country luckily.... I have no faith in the intelligence of our species anymore,

shape of you is playing on my capital fm London radio and I just can't be unhappy or political, this is my fave song of the spring/summer whatever but yeaah

omg I don't wanna end this post in some sort of cliché shaite mmmnh?

  but like I stated in the beginning,
blissful is a feeling ._.' xx

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