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lauantaina, kesäkuuta 17, 2017

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Holy macaroni . I'm so unwell... right now a bit sweaty and drank twenty centilitres of 38 vol vodka for the pain.. I don't think 1mg para tabs or panacod (with codeine) have helped one bit
I keep discharging blood from my va-vay like I can't even leave the house right now. I think I've soon used 100 tampons within a week and some nightly sanitary pads.. I slept max.3 hours at a time because the flow would get through from a tampon, the pad and my knickers and I would still bleed in front of the toilet door like... this is too much?
I went to have a shower and it looked like a warm shred of my wall in the vagina was on the floor of the bathroom, and what did one of the gynelogists explain  - that this was just the end of cycle leakage because I ate that patch of hormones (to fool my womb I was pregant?) but man... this is... this is as if I had slit my wrists except hurts more
Maybe I should get rid of my uterus once and for all... this might be cancerous too (rare cases seem to be) but...  I hate the way all the doctors and gynecologists who peeked in there treated me.. like they had seen this all over again a thousand times with different people overreacting or whatever
but like... literally hurts and medicine doesn't help - I took iron pills and (200 mg today) and my poop was black so I guess that worked like it's supposed to- so I don't die of anemia. It says online my August next appointment is because of heavy flow for 2 months but, come August, it would has been,,,, you know... 6 months !! And my limit is definately three months on any contraceptive, not to mention without any and constricted to my flat as well??
I gave up and am shoveling toilet paper and kitchen towels down there... I have to change it so often there is no point in trying to save what's happening...

yeah so. sorry for reals at bothering you with my lady troubles but.... in need of understanding and some sympathy or whatever I can get... my fiance's not home, went to help with his pal with their moving houses and his parents moving their boat and whatever but he did promise to come back soon I dunno.
It's like a cold sweat of worry and bit of bloodloss too but there's a medication I get that makes me sweat a lot too as side effect.. I'd love to be on the balcony right now sitting on my bloody rag that used to be a shirt but it's too sunny. Sunny and warm as it  can be in a Hell frozen over

don't make sense right now, but mostly I just try to convey these thoughts as in expression of myself and shiiiiit.
did I mention vodka? My fiance brought me chocolate and pepsi but all the wrong kinds again that I specifically not to bring me and was worried he'd mess up again like the time he brought me only salty liquorish vodka and just... no no no.

anyways. trying to stay alive until then...

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