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keskiviikkona, toukokuuta 10, 2017

When you want to punch the only audience you have that are perviets

What did I expect wearing a dog's collar. Perverted comments, check.
It is snowing and the sun is shining. Must be Finnish summer/spring??

 Quite bored... I just think with horror of the stuff I sent as fanmail.
Did get some sexytime today... somehow my loins felt warm and that was a greater feeling than the actual org...spasm.

If I died tomorrow, I'd be happy as a ...well, some sort of seafood. cuz you can't measure an ocean with a spoon, but you can throw it in the ocean.

So much lol's I can't even laugh anymore...

listening to seether.tied my hands. such a hap  crappy song <3 I had to make a new vkontakte account cuz I can't log back into the old one :< but yeah that's random

dunno. I keep breathing heavily and my neck's huge (so why did it fit a labrador collar easily?)
and other obese probs... nothing health related right now, just can't stand look at myself at times.
I've had acne, my eyes look small.... man the harpoons and kill it before it lays eggs..

Mostly I'm worried of my hair. It is fashionable as fuck. the color, the frindge, the length and growing it out etc.... I still feel like I should do something to it like a routine.. but I'm a mess

...but did I die...

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